Zeeverse Game Docs


Zeeverse aims to be a casual and social experience with a competitive kick. A place where turn-based strategy meets the charm of exploration and a player's drive to create.
Here is an overview of the current and work-in-progress game modes:
Crafting (WIP)
Land (Planned)
PVE is your main path for advancement in the game. Here you go against waves of enemy Zee sent down by the Corrupted Gods. As you advance through the waves, the enemies get stronger, and each dungeon culminates in a Boss battle that may award you with a Zee Egg.
Currently Dungeons are played solo, though a co-op mode is planned in the future. You begin your first Dungeon with 3 Zee acquired from a tutorial, and as you progress, higher-level Dungeons become playable with a Pack of up to 5 Zee.
🪙 Cost: Energy
🏆 Rewards: XP, $VEE, Zee Eggs​
PVP is based on a Risk-to-Earn model and takes place in the Arena. For each battle, you wager an amount $VEE tokens with your opponent and combat until one of the sides eliminates all enemy Zee. PVP Arena is a great place to develop strategies and test different configurations of your Zee Pack.
🪙 Cost: $VEE (optional bet)
🏆 Rewards: XP, $VEE (winner takes all)
Social Gameplay involves live events, quests, and tournaments held in Zeeverse.
One such example involves Curve: The 4th Dimension play2mint Quest organized in collaboration with Curve Finance.
During the event, players had to compete in a quest to help Wakan Tanka, the creator God of Zeeverse, construct a sacred temple. All participants followed the in-game story and were rewarded with a special evolving NFT.
This section is under development. Check back soon.
This section is under development. Check back soon.