Zeeverse aims to offer a casual gaming experience while also incentivizing dedicated players to seek the bigger picture. It's a place where turn-based strategy meets exploration, the thrill of collecting, and the player's drive to create.

The current implementation of PVE and PVP gameplay focuses on turn-based strategy with smooth visuals and prioritizes a manageable level of depth for new players. Additionally, live events offer immersive story-telling and bring players together to unravel new mysteries and compete for rewards.

In the long run, however, Zeeverse aims to build a massive player-led economy, requiring the cooperation of numerous Shamans to compete for Land, Resources, and Rewards.


Eneregy is the base unit of progress in Zeeverse. It directly reflects the time you have invested in training your Zee - accruing inherent value and acting as proof or progress. And when players trade their Zee on a marketplace like Treasure, they effectively trade time.

All players have 10 energy units at their disposal. Energy is used when you venture into Dungeons and regenerates at a rate of 1 energy per hour. Energy is not used up when you fight in Arena, participate in Events, or go Fishing.

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