One of the goals for Zeeverse is to help innovate upon the concept of in-game asset ownership. We have observed many Web3 Game projects explore the topic, and have done our best to learn from their successes and shortcomings.

Our approach stems from the idea that Web3 has brought a new type of end-user to the game industry, and with that a new set of incentive challenges to be solved. To help solve these challenges, we have adopted a simple framework that guides us through every NFT asset integration in Zeeverse. A framework that's based on synergy between Players and Collectors.

Players vs Collectors

Traditionally, games are developed with a single end-user in mind: The Player. All game mechanics and incentives are designed to make the game experience fun, addicting, and rewarding to them.

Web3 has introduced a new type of end-user: The Collector. This user is excited to help fuel the development of a game via NFT purchases but may not be as interested in playing the game itself. They certainly want to see the project succeed but will often prefer return-based and status incentives to in-game perks.

We love Collectors - without them Web3 games wouldn't be here. But issues emerge if a project fails to distinguish between both parties and designs their NFT utility in a "one size fits all" manner. Such issue can be observed on projects who sell playable NFT characters only to find their worlds deserted. Because if all such NFTs are owned by Collectors, there's rarely anyone left to play.

Utility Spectrum

To address this challenge and ensure that all NFT assets in Zeeverse are balanced, we designate a spot for each asset on the Utility Spectrum. This spot will define the purpose and utility of the NFT.

Utility Spectrum recognizes the incentives of both Players and Collectors. And once an idea for an NFT is considered, we ask ourselves what incentives it must have to appeal to the intended audience. If the NFT is meant to attract high-net-worth collectors, we shouldn't assign it an XP boost. Likewise, an in-game pet (even though collectible) shouldn't have a utility of a mint-pass.

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