Loot Pods (ERC-1155)

Genesis Fire Loot Pod

Genesis Water Loot Pod

Genesis Fire Grass Pod

Legendary Genesis Loot Pod

Weekly Harvest Loot Pod

Curve: The 4th Dimension Loot Pod

A blinding, radiant light fell from the sky, and as the Loot Pods made contact with the ground, they emitted an aura of eager anticipation, as if inviting the inquisitive souls of Shamans to unveil their hidden treasure.

Adorning their surface were ornate patterns, drawn from the ancient wisdom of the Gods, resembling a living tapestry meticulously woven by the hands of fate itself. A gift of Serenity, given to you in the Epoch of Corruption.

Loot Pods are the Zeeverse equivalent of loot boxes - they contain Wearables, $VEE tokens, and Seasonal collectible items. Acquire Loot Pods through mints, partner quests, and live events like the Weekly Harvest.

Loot Pods are part of the Zeeverse: Items collection

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