Soul Keepers

At the heart of the connection between both realms since the Age of Divergence have been Soul Keepers, the stewards of balance and beings that embody all the expressions of the primordial forces: Order and Chaos in one.

Make no mistake; Soul Keepers have roamed the world before time set itself into motion. Their forms were a mesmerizing fusion of serene elegance and wild unpredictability, and they traversed galaxies, maintaining the sacred balance of the dual nature of the universe.

However, a shroud of mystery clouds the fate of these mystical beings.

Whispers in the wind speak of a time when the Corrupt Gods, in their insatiable consumption, wrought a cataclysmic event that silenced the Soul Keepers from existence, leaving behind only fragments of their once majestic presence.

Except for one. A lone Soul Keeper whose essence was crystallized into an unbreakable gem, and yet, with the help of your fellow Shamans, he is now free.

In the Age of Corruption, to truly make a difference, you must acquire in your possession a Soul Shard - a mere fragment of what once was, but... a glimmer of hope, nonetheless.

It shall grant you enlightenment, enough to truly embark on your journey - to walk the path the Gods have set out for you. Though, in this age, Soul Shards cannot be given to everyone; that would only create more Chaos. The Soul Keeper grants the path only to those who deem themselves worthy of balance.

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