Your Journey

You open your eyes and slowly stumble into the new reality. No recollection of how you got here or where you are - but you feel like you belong. Is this the place? The sacred world whose whispers guided you these years. Right in front of your eyes...

Bright, vibrant colors. Mountains whose peaks evaporate among the clouds and waterfalls that reach beyond the sun. You peek across the ledge and.... it's flying? Well, no wonder the Elders referred to it as the Sky World. But you just can't believe it's been here all along.

But, it's the Age of Corruption. The ancient truth of balance has been long forgotten, with only mere fragments of it remaining. And it is up to you to rediscover it.

The journey will not be an easy one. The forces of Corruption will resist - they have taken over much of the Spirit Realm already. As you confront the looming threat, prepare to face their influence within your soul and to defend against their relentless assaults within their Dungeon sanctuaries.

Keep in mind, such battle is not one you can fight alone. You shall require allies, companions in this perilous journey. Embrace the Guardian Spirits known as Zee; nurture their strength, for their power reflects your own.

As you journey through the Realms, you'll encounter Zee in various forms, each possessing unique abilities and personalities. Some may be fierce and protective, while others may be gentle and wise. It is in your interactions with them that you will form deep spiritual bonds that even the strongest adversaries shall not break, unless... you choose to break them yourself.

The Zee manifest in three primal elements: Water, Fire, and Grass, each with its own unique strengths and traits. However, ancient legends whisper of Zee of untold diversity, nestled within dormant eggs, awaiting the emergence of brave souls willing to uncover their mysteries and harness their potential.

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