Lands will serve as an early access point to not only new biomes and resources that come with them, but also skills. The nine skills of Zeeverse will be:

  • Fishing โ€” Catch fish throughout Zeeverse

  • Mining โ€” Acquire ore and gems from mining deposits

  • Farming โ€” Cultivate various crops and herbs and much more from farming plots

  • Cooking โ€” Cook delicious meals that restore the health of your Zees

  • Crafting โ€” Process various materials to create new equipment and accessories

  • Soulcrafting โ€” Purify Corrupted Souls, acquired from defeating Zees in Dungeons, to create biome-specific Souls

  • Herbalism โ€” Transform herbs into potions that boost your Shamanโ€™s abilities

  • Shamanism โ€” Cast various spells and perform rituals with the use of Souls

  • Taming โ€” Progression profession that unlocks various equipment, increases your mastery over Zees and serves as a representation of time invested in game.

To foster a healthy player-owned economy, Zeeverse introduces gathering and artisanal skills, but to take it a step further, Shamanism and Taming are both player utility skills that aid and enhance gameplay.

Each of the skills will have a max level of 99, requiring considerable training to reach this level. This will create a new generation of Shamans who specialize only in their favorite skills, enabling them to gather and process resources more efficiently than their peers.

The economy in Zeeverse Beta is primarily based on resources and their products, with the majority of these resources being acquired through Lands, making the Master Chiefs the backbone of the economy of Zeeverse.

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