Soul Shards (ERC-721s)

Soul Shards, acquired from the Last Soul Keeper, are Soulbound NFTs that are used as a safekeeping mechanism for the Zeeverse economy. They last for one in-game season, and enable players to withdraw assets, transact, and place wagers in PVP duels against their opponents.

Since the Genesis Soul Shard mint, new players are able to acquire Seasonal Soul Shards to get withdrawal privileges for a limited amount of time, as well as special seasonal rewards earned through the Weekly Harvest and other live events.

Genesis Soul Shards are remnants of the last Primordial Essence that remained in Zeeverse. They have been given to a select few Shamans, as an expression of gratitude for freeing the last Soul Keeper from his Epoch-lasting encapsulation. Genesis Soul Shards grant Players lifetime access to the full scope of Zeeverse features.

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