Zeedex provides an overview of the currently available Zee in the game. Use this as a reference to learn about specific Zee abilities, stats, and their Evolutions.

A more comprehensive, web-based Zeedex is currently in development.

Neutral Type ❕

Water Type 💧

Fire Type 🔥

Grass Type 🌱

Curve Llama

CURVE LLAMA 💫 the echo from beyond - born in the folds of the 4th Dimension, this Zee weaves through realities, reflecting adversaries’ powers, a whisper of the universe’s hidden symmetries.

Level 1

Funky Curve Llama

FUNKY CURVE LLAMA 💫 the cosmic artist - not just a mirror of power but a spectacle of light, its form dances in a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues, painting the combat canvas with vibrant, shifting energy.

Level 1


TRUMPY 💧 the weather expert - hot sunny days or arctic cold, this Zee has a hat for every occasion.


CHOMP 💧 the wave catcher - whether it’s surfing or secret underwater operations, this Zee is ready for anything.


SQUILL 💧 the swimmer - born in water it loves anything that is connected with it, be it diving in the deep, using water skis, teasing paranoid fishermen or making an excursion at the bottom of the ocean.


HOTPOT 🔥 - a dedicated chef - loves food, loves making it, loves eating it.


CHAKA 🔥 the flying dancer - it’s all about music and rhythm with this one.


ZOOMBA 🔥 the curious traveler - exploration, discovery and conquest is this Zee’s driving force.


DRAX 🌱 the health expert - when this Zee grows up it wants to be a medic, a fitness guru or perhaps a diet expert - “healthy body, healthy mind” is its motto.


TAKA 🌱 the mystic - give this Zee anything that’s related to magic or mystery and Taka will make it its own.


GONGO 🌱 the tomb raider - adventuring, maps, gold, gems - whatever screams an adventure, Gongo is there to participate.

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