Zeeverse Whitepaper
Welcome to the ZEEVERSE!
Zeeverse is a creator platform built on top of a blockchain-based game centered around a vast collection of unique little creatures called ZEE NFTs. Collect and battle more than 250+ different ZEE kinds with unlimited variations. Each unique, each only yours.
In Zeeverse you explore various dungeons, hunt for treasures, battle epic bosses with friends, battle other players, build and farm on your lands, discover treasures, and travel Zeeverse to discover epic adventures.
Play to Create - Biggest Web3 creator economy entirely backed by player's work.
In Zeeverse strength of your ZEE entirely depends on how much work you have invested into training your ZEE in battles. Invested work effectively translates into ZEE NFT's value.
ZEE is Proof of Work.
This ZEE value opens up doors for adventures, special skills, and resource gatherings, which are used by the community to build Zeeverse.
Zeeverse belongs to the community because it's built by the community.
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