Waka has blessed Zeeverse's waters with fish, ready to be caught and rejuvenate Zees during battle!

Fishing is a gathering skill, which allows Shamans to catch a variety of fish to be further used in Cooking and, ultimately, to rejuvenate Zees during battle.

Getting started

In order to fish, you must first acquire a fishing rod and bait! Fishing rods are currently available as a potential drop from Corn Lootpods or can be instantly bought at Opensea or Treasure.

Bait can be acquired by completing Dungeons or The Forge at an increasing rate the deeper you venture.

Ready to fish?

Currently, there's four fishing spots on the Sky Island, but everyone begins at the Central Pond - catching Gloops! Head over, cast your rod and begin your angler's journey!

Higher Fishing levels unlock access to various rarity of fish from different waterbodies across the Sky Island, if the Shaman has a suitable fishing rod. Additionally, every Fishing level increases the speed of which the fish is caught.

Every fishing spot has a capped amount of fish that can be caught before the fishing spot enters a cooldown. The rarer the fish, the longer the cooldown.

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