Zee are spirits, encompassing both friendly and hostile entities. They serve as your in-game battle companions; however, they hold a more significant role than that. Your Zee accumulate value by means of experience gained by them, as that directly translates to the time invested into their progression by you.

As you begin the tutorial, you will earn your first Zee Eggs that can be hatched into Zee. Throughout the game, your goal is to train your Zee in battles to improve their stats, power-up their traits, and eventually bring them through Evolution.

As your Zee gain experience through combat, you can upgrade them directly using $VEE tokens. You can earn $VEE tokens by completing Dungeons, winning them from other players in the PVP Arena, getting a lucky drop from Loot Pods, or by purchasing them through an exchange like MagicSwap.

Currently, new Zee can only be earned from Zee Eggs dropped by Dungeon bosses. If you prefer not to invest time in upgrading your Zee yourself, you can purchase higher-level Zee from other Shamans on the Treasure or OpenSea marketplaces.

Zee Anatomy

Currently, Zee anatomy encompasses:

  • 3 Types (Fire, Water, Grass)

  • 3 Classes (Tank, Healer, DPS) - defined by their special ability

  • 5 Stats (HP, DMG, DEF, SPD*, CRIT)

    *SPD (Speed) defines the order in which a Zee gets to make its move during the battle.

  • 4 Trait Slots

    • 5 Traits Options in each Slot, where each Trait is visually distinguishable and buffs one of the 5 Stats (HP, DMG, DEF, SPD, CRIT)

    • 20 Trait Levels that can be upgraded through Power-ups

Explore Zeedex to see the currently available Zee, their Stats, and Abilities.


Power-ups are a way to improve the stats of your Zee traits. Power-ups are completed on individual traits, cost progressive amount of $VEE, and have a probability of success assigned to them - the higher is the level of the Power-up, the lower is its probability of success.

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