In a distant age, when the world still danced to the rhythm of ancient spirits, a delicate equilibrium reigned between the realms of the tangible and the ethereal. Day and night, life and death - all were bound together in a harmonious tapestry woven by the hands of cosmic forces.

During the Age of Serenity, the Spirit Realm flowed seamlessly alongside the material world, like a gentle river merging with the vast ocean. Humans walked a sacred path, their steps guided by whispers from the other side. They could feel the presence of Gods in every rustling leaf, every glistening stream, and every star that adorned the night sky.

But, as with all things, change was inevitable. A shadow fell upon this harmonious era, threatening to shatter the delicate equilibrium held by the universe. Corrupted Gods - forces unseen and powerful began to tip the scales. They initiated the division of the Spiritual and Material worlds, wreaking havoc upon the natural order. And so, the Age of Rupture began.

As the cycles unfolded, the greedy depleted their land's resources - exhausting rivers of their fish and forests of their timber, without any regard of moderation. And in a last-ditch effort to extend their existence, the Corrupted Gods ruptured the fabric of the Spirit Realm to usher in the Age of Corruption.

You begin as a young Shaman - summoned to the Spirit Realm in a desperate call for help. For centuries, Shamans have faithfully served as intermediaries between humanity and the Gods. Now, it falls upon you to restore the delicate balance between the two Realms of existence, ensuring the unbroken continuity of the eternal cycle.

Are you up for the task?

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