Spread across the biomes, there are 12 types of ores and 13 types of gems, with two unique types found exclusively in the Celestial and Corrupted biomes — each biome possessing its unique variety. Mastery in Mining and Crafting enables Shamans to craft increasingly more powerful equipment, and materials from Celestial and Corrupted biomes, respectively allow for the creation of the strongest armor, weapons, and accessories.

Additionally, wielding such armor requires a high Taming level, ensuring that game loops are respected and making progression through the game more meaningful. Gems, however, will be used to create accessories or further enhance equipment, bestowing additional effects and boosting existing ones. Executing these actions proficiently demands skill not only in Crafting but also in Shamanism.

Aside from ores and gems, throughout the Lands, Shamans will discover various Fishing and Farming patches where they can gather ingredients for food and potions. It is rumored that there is also a mystical Well on every Land, and it is up to the Shamans to discover its use and purpose.

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