Zeeverse Game Docs

Masks (ERC-721)

Masks are the Mint Pass and the OG symbols of Zeeverse. Distributed to the earliest supporters of the game via free mint, these NFTs carry an ever-expanding set of benefits to their holders.
The long-term purpose of Masks is to allow their holders to help steer Zeeverse development in a direction that is beneficial to all stakeholders, and their Utility may fluctuate based on the prevalent holder type of the collection (Collectors vs Players)

Current Mask Utility

  • Priority mint access to all future collections (i.e. Zee Eggs, Souls, Islands)
  • Boosted $VEE token rewards in PVE Dungeons
  • Special cosmetic in-game and Discord roles
  • Unique in-game wearables
  • Governance in Mask DAO (Q3 2023)

​🔗 Buy on Opensea (ERC-721, Ethereum)