Masks (ERC-721)

While the three tribes are long gone, their Spiritual presence can still be felt throughout Zeeverse. These ancient and powerful Genesis Masks survived the echoes of time, and were distributed for free to the first Shamans who dared to venture into the Spirit Realm.

The long-term purpose of Masks is to allow their holders to help steer Zeeverse development in a direction that is beneficial to all involved, yet even now they already grant a wide range of in-game benefits to those who wield them.

Current & Planned Mask Utility

  • Priority mint access to all future collections

  • Boosted $VEE token rewards for Quests and PVE Dungeons

  • Boosted XP in Dungeons

  • Special tiered roles in Discord

  • Unique in-game wearables

  • Governance in Mask DAO (Q4 2023)

  • Fundamental role in the Land meta-game (Q4 2023)

In the future, Mask utility may fluctuate based on the prevalent holder type of the collection (Collectors vs Players).


To activate in-game Boosts, you must Stake your Genesis Masks. By staking you will also generate your future $ZEEV token allocation which will be distributed during the token generation event.

Staking is done through a soft-staking mechanism, meaning you get to keep your NFT in your wallet and are free to transact and sell it. However, if you transfer your NFT before the end of the 90-day soft-lock period, your $ZEEV allocation will become void.

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