Markets: Magicswap (Arbitrum), Curve Swap (Ethereum), Coinmarketcap

$VEE is an ERC-20 utility token with total supply of 100,000,000,000.

As stated in the introduction, game economics have to be stable and immune to token market volatility. For the game economy to achieve this state, game reward and sink systems cannot directly use utility tokens to price their in-game systems.

As a solution to this problem, Zeeverse uses an off-chain point system where 1 _Point is always pegged to 1$ worth of $VEE token. This means that the backbone of the game economy is structured using _Points (i.e. costs for upgrades, tools, etc.), while the in-game $VEE token value floats according to $VEE market price. So in practice, whenever a player spends $VEE, it's technically a swap between $VEE and _Points at that current market price.

_Points can be configured to keep an artificial peg at a defined $VEE price for rewards and sinks individually. It ensures the Zeeverse economy is stable during extreme $VEE market volatility and price levels. When an artificial peg is used, $VEE rewards can fluctuate according to a desirable dollar-based value while $VEE upgrade costs stay fixed, or vice versa. This monetary mechanic is equivalent to interest rate policies and, in time, will be controlled via $ZEEV governance.

When $VEE is spent, it is transferred to the Zeeverse treasury to be recycled back into rewards.

The in-game incentive system is based on a principle by which players must spend $VEE on in-game upgrades to earn more $VEE in PvE. The higher the level, the more expensive the upgrades become - this gradually increases $VEE demand from the top down. The difference between $VEE distributed in rewards and collected from upgrades results in a margin that fuels $VEE reserves.

At a higher Zee level, Players unlock more lucrative rewards in addition to $VEE, moving the focus from $VEE farming to new resources and items like Voxels on Zee Islands and Exotic Zee Eggs in high-level Team PvE Dungeons.

We believe $VEE token design will help inch the space toward a more sustainable future where game economies have:

  • No risk of hyperinflation

  • Predictable and sustainable rewards

  • Incentives to accumulate and rotate the in-game currency back into the game


Currently $VEE utility token is used to:

  • Upgrade Zee

  • Wager in PvP battles

  • Power up Zee Traits

  • Purchase items from NPC merchants (soon)


To withdraw your earned $VEE tokens from the game, you must hold a Soul Shard - a Soulbound NFT that gives you full access to Zeeverse economy.

Furthermore, all withdrawals are subject to a 6-month vesting period that helps guard players and the economy from bad actors. To circumvent the vesting period, you may instead like to re-invest your $VEE into upgrading your Zee monsters and selling them to other players without any delays.

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