Every Land will receive a biome-specific Voxel Mine, introducing 41 Voxel types to the game. Voxels will be used to develop various structures, from aesthetic to functional, such as Bank Vaults, Totem Poles, and various skilling stations. These different structures will require a variety of Voxels, encouraging players and Tribes to strategize and cooperate to collaboratively progress through Zeeverse.

Mining in Voxel Mines involves extracting Voxels from Voxel Blocks, with the capacity of the Mine depending on the Land Grade.* As Mining advances, the Voxel Mine’s level increases, which in turn makes Voxel extraction progressively more difficult.

The extraction power of a Shaman will be directly linked to the power of their staked Zee. In scenarios where multiple players have staked their Zees in a Mine, the extraction process employs a raffle system to allocate extracted Voxel Block to one player, with each player’s staked Zee power influencing their chances of winning. Block progress is updated every minute, and Master Chiefs can put taxes on their Mines, earning a share of the Voxels mined from Blocks.

Voxel Mining essentially converts players’ invested time in game into Voxels to be traded or used on blueprints. While Zees are working, they are not available in battle, meaning no Zee will never need to sit idle in an inventory. As Shamans will also be able to contribute their Zees to Voxel Mines from other Lands, a collaborative environment is fostered.

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