Three Nations

In the Age of Serenity there was only one tribe. The whole of Humanity listened to the voices of Gods in unison. But as the Age of Divergence unfolded, humans split into three tribes, each claiming to have recovered the full Truth as revealed by Gods.

A time of temporal conflict unfolded, alliances between the Nations were formed as easily as they were broken, but there was never true peace. Even in times of relative calm, skirmishes happened on the borderlands.


Perched atop the scorching Fire Mountains, the Chayara Nation were keepers of courage and innovation. Their grand guardian Spirit of the Hawk bestowed upon them an unparalleled master of fire and tools.

It was the Chayara who first harnessed the flames, illuminating not only their mountaintop abode, but the path of progress for the entirety of Humanity. Their tools were sharp, and their bold audacity won them many great victories.

Yet, their audacious creativity ultimately exposed them to a relentless barrage of hardships, chipping away at their resilience bit by bit.


In the sprawling wetlands below, the Sinoru Nation flourished along rivers and lakes. Their guardian, the Whale Spirit, brought wisdom and tranquility, teaching them the art of fishing and peaceful existence.

The Sinoru’s waters were home to mystical fish that bestowed knowledge, nourishing both the body and mind. In their world of satiated hunger, and communal contemplation they thought they had reached true balance, yet… they could rarely take their ways further than the confines of their territories.

The Sinoru had very little desire or capacity to adapt to the conditions of other lands, and so rather than adapting to the land, they tried to change the land itself.


Beyond the lakes, in the shadow of the dense forest, the Takanuwa Nation dwelled. Guided by the Snake Spirit, they had learned the secrets of the earth and embraced the cycles of change and rebirth. Through herbalism and farming, the Takanuwa nurtured the land, ensuring growth and transformation.

And yet... they kept their greatest secrets even among themselves. There was significant internal rivalry among the Takanuwa: Shamans would not pass down their revelations to the next generation, and warband leaders would make great efforts not to reveal the best paths to their fellow tribesmen, fearing they might fall into enemy hands, or lead someone else than themselves to glory.

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