Collection: Curve, The 4th Dimension

Curve: The 4th Dimension was the first collection in Zeeverse history to present the concept of Loot Pods and Items. It was launched on Ethereum, and came from a free, cinematic, story-driven event where all players were invited to participate in an in-game quest to earn Curve Loot Pods.

These Pods contained Rare, Epic & Legendary items, and a new type of Zee, the Curve Llama, which came in a standard or Legendary (funky) configuration. You can purchase Llamas or even some unopened Curve Loot Pods on Opensea.

To get your hands on Items from this collection, you may purchase a Potato (ETH) and convert in in-game, an un-opened Curve Loot Pod (ETH), or the Items themselves (ARB). Once the Loot Pod opens, you will receive your guaranteed Llama Zee on Ethereum chain, and your Items will be airdropped to you on Arbitrum One chain.

Here's the drop table for Curve Loot Pods:

Rare Items

Voxel Box

HP +50 DEF +8

Slot: Mask

Lei Neklace

HP +50 DMG +8

Slot: Top

Hula Skirt

HP +50 SPEED +8

Slot: Bottoms

Epic Items

Mainframe Mask

DMG -8 DEF -5%

Gain 5% DMG at the start of each round

Slot: Mask

Mainframe Top

DEF -8 DEF -5%

Gain 5% DEF at the start of each round

Slot: Top

Mainframe Bottom


Gain 8 SPEED at the start of each round

Slot: Bottoms

Legendary Items

Klein Straff

DMG +16 DMG +5% SPEED +16 HP -100 HP -25%

Special: Increase $VEE gains from Dungeons by 20%

Slot: Main Hand

Curve Llama Mask

DMG +16 DMG +5% CRIT +5% HP -100 HP -25%

Special: Increase Experience gains by 50%

Slot: Mask

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