The Heist, exclusive to Zeeverse's Soul Shard holders, is a strategic PvP challenge where players, as Shamans, compete to amass and protect wealth.

Heist is currently being reworked.

Visit Melon Tusk's Grand Bank to secure your vault with Zees. Vaults accumulate $VEE hourly, attracting rival Shamans. Manage Heist Tokens and time your withdrawals to protect your wealth.

Vault Raids

Acquire Heist Tokens through Dungeons or from other Shamans, then target their vaults. You can reroute to more lucrative targets using $VEE. Suffer a raid? Gain a temporary Heist Security Shield for protection.

Leaderboards and Rewards

Ranking in the Heist League influences your $VEE earnings. Increase your rank through successful raids and defenses, boosting hourly gains. Your Heist performance also affects your Arena leaderboard status.

Staking for Returns

Enhance your $VEE yield by staking, with returns starting at 6% over a year, but fast increasing as a player climbs higher in Leagues. Staked $VEE is safe from raids under Melon Tusk’s supervision.

Plundering Process

Raid spoils go to Shamans Vault and can be withdrawn together with accrued $VEE gains by using Heist Tokens.

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