$ZEEV launch is planned for Q1 2024 - Q2 2024

$ZEEV is an ERC-20 utility token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

The purpose for the token is to offer incentives to Players via 3 main utilities:

  • Governance

  • Staking

  • Premium transactions


To ensure the longevity of the Zeeverse in-game economy, $ZEEV holders will have the right to vote on $VEE monetary policies. Since the health of $VEE economy directly aligns with the incentives of $ZEEV holders, the governance system will allow Zeeverse's economy to be adjusted via DAO. Along with monetary policies, $ZEEV holders will have the right to vote on decisions regarding project development and the DAO treasury.


Staking is an essential element of Zeeverse's economy that will unlock impactful in-game boosts paired with $ZEEV rewards. Such a dual-utility staking system unlocks possibilities for scholar programs where holders can delegate their in-game staking perks to scholars while keeping a % of the rewards. And most importantly, it aligns incentives for both parties under one system.

Zeeverse economy is built so that the difference between $VEE Upgrade costs and Rewards increases with every ZEE level; therefore, an incentive to stake $ZEEV increases as players progress in the game. Ultimately, the goal of the Staking system is to increase the amount of $ZEEV holders to decentralize Governance, which is achieved by gradually introducing Staking as players naturally progress in the game.

Premium Transactions

To ensure $ZEEV holders benefit from the growth of Zeeverse and its economy, these tokens must have justified in-game utility.

Currently, the token design predicts $VEE tokens to be used in most in-game transactions while reserving $ZEEV for certain high-value transactions. Such transactions can be interpreted as a tax - collected and transferred to the treasury to help support and grow the ecosystem.

Zeeverse Token ($ZEEV) will be used to:

  • Evolve ZEE

  • Hatch Eggs

  • Open Lootpods

  • Pay gas fees

  • Craft Land assets

  • Trade on the P2P marketplace

Community Allocation

You can currently Stake your Zeeverse Genesis Masks to earn $ZEEV airdrop allocation.

Each Mask you stake generates 1 allocation point per day. By the end of the staking program, the full $ZEEV community allocation will be proportionally split among all stakers based on the total pool of the allocation points.

$ZEEV utility is subject to change before the official launch.

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