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Our roadmap for the year 2023. It consist of 2 sections - Collections and Gameplay.
  • Collections represent the planned NFT and Token launches, and play2mint events similar to Curve: The 4th Dimension.
  • Gameplay represents the planned game features, content, and infrastructure improvements.

Collections & Economy

  • Curve #play2mint (FEB)
  • $VEE Listing (FEB)
  • Genesis Mint (Soul Shards + Loot Pods) (APR)
  • Ambassador Program (JUN)
  • Zee Withdrawals (JUL)
  • Land (DEC)
  • $ZEEV Listing (TBA)


  • Shamans & Gods (JAN)
  • Curve Realm (FEB)
  • Cosmetic System (APR)
  • Zee Trait Power-ups (MAY)
  • Weekly Harvest (Live Quest) (JUN)
  • PVP Tournament Realm (AUG)
  • Shamans in Battles & Item Buffs (JUL)
  • ⚙️ Profession - Fishing (AUG)
  • ⚙️ P2P Trading (AUG)
  • Social Features (SEP)
  • Profession - Alchemy (TBA)
  • Profession - Mining (TBA)
  • New Lobbies (TBA)
  • Zee Evolution (TBA)
This Roadmap is meant to provide an overview of our development timeline and does not constitute a hard commitment. Items on the Roadmap may shift or evolve along with Zeeverse priorities and community feedback.