Weekly Harvest

Mysterious Corn Cob just spawned in front of me... I should probably eat it, right?

Event Schedule

The Weekly Harvest takes place every Monday at specific times. Check the in-game timer or the official Discord events channel for exact times.

Event Overview

Compete with other players to snatch Corn Cobs, catch Ghost Corn Cobs, and bring them to the Weekly Harvest altar.

Start of the Event

Once the event begins, explore the island to find Corn Cobs. They can spawn randomly anywhere on the island.

Snatch a Corn Cob

Upon locating a Corn Cob, pull it out of the ground and consume it. This act connects you to the Spirit Realm.

Catch a Ghost Corn

In the Spirit Realm, your task is to catch one Ghost Corn Cob.

Return to the Altar

After catching a Ghost Corn Cob, bring it back to the Weekly Harvest Altar.

Earn Rewards

Successfully completing these steps rewards you with a Wampum Belt. This belt grants you a free mint of a Weekly Harvest Loot Pod.

The number of Corn Cobs that spawn is dependent on the number of Shamans in the lobby. You can also see how many Cobs have not been consumed yet.

The Weekly Harvest event consists of three waves, offering multiple chances to participate and win.

This is a highly competitive event, as all Shamans aim to secure a Wampum Belt. Success can vary across different waves.

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