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Zeeverse - Official Teaser Trailer
The story of Zeeverse is a story of duty, exploration, and companionship.
You begin as a young Shaman - summoned to the Spirit Realm in a desperate call for help. For centuries, you have been fulfilling your purpose as a trusted messenger between humans and Gods. Now, you are here to defend them.
Over centuries that inhabitants of the Shadow Realm were left to their own doings, they have exhausted their land's resources - for the last fish in their rivers and the last log in their woods has been taken without giving anything in return.
In a last-ditch effort to extend their existence, the Corrupted Gods have ruptured the fabric of the Spirit Realm to usher in a new age. One where it takes everything to protect what they're after.
Dive into the world of Zeeverse and discover the ancient myths of creation alongside your faithful Zee Spirit companions. Step up to protect your sacred values and help restore balance among the realms.